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Science & Technology

In the Science & Technology Area of Learning and Experience (AoLE), we recognise that although each discipline has its own discrete body of knowledge, together they provide learners with opportunities to develop similar skills and techniques.


At Maes yr Haul, we want our learners to be excited and inspired to want to find out more, developing their curiosity and inquisitive nature. We want them to be ‘experts’ with the language of the AoLE, able to ask questions, plan approaches and make informed judgements.


Across the Science & Technology disciplines, learners will have opportunities to explore through hands on, practical experiences with strong links to local expertise. They will develop their skills, gaining experience and knowledge that will enable them to and solve problems to meet everchanging needs and wants of society, relevant to their lives in Bridgend, Wales or the wider world.

Statements of What Matters

These are the mandatory elements of this AoLE.  Our curriculum is being constructed to ensure that pupils access a wide range of high quality experiences to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding within these aspects.

  • Being curious and searching for answers is essential to understanding and predicting phenomena.

  • Design thinking and engineering offer technical and creative ways to meet society’s needs and wants.

  • The world around us is full of living things which depend on each other for survival.

  • Matter and the way it behaves defines our universe and shapes our lives.

  • Forces and energy provide a foundation for understanding our universe. 

  • Computation is the foundation for our digital world.