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Mathematics & Numeracy

In the Mathematics & Numeracy Area of Learning and Experience (AoLE), we recognise the vital role that this plays in underpinning many aspects of everyday life as well as important aspects across the rest of the curriculum.


At Maes yr Haul, we want our learners to be confident mathematicians who can make connections, explore and develop patterns, as well as solve problems and investigate/test hypotheses and numbers. They will learn techniques to solve problems, explore ideas and make connections, embracing challenge and developing ‘mathematical resilience’.


Across Mathematics and Numeracy, we will provide learners with opportunities to learn through practical experiences and games, building their ability to collaborate with others in addition to more ‘traditional methods’. We will provide real-life contexts to introduce, explore and consolidate mathematical concepts, using experiences that are engaging, exciting and accessible for learners. They will experience a diverse range of context-rich opportunities, to enable learners to be curious, making connections between mathematical processes and the world around them.

Statements of What Matters

These are the mandatory elements of this AoLE.  Our curriculum is being constructed to ensure that pupils access a wide range of high quality experiences to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding within these aspects.

  • The number system is used to represent and compare relationships between numbers and quantities.

  • Algebra uses symbol systems to express the structure of mathematical relationships.

  • Geometry focuses on relationships involving shape, space and position, and measurement focuses on quantifying phenomena in the physical world.

  • Statistics represent data, probability models chance, and both support informed inferences and decisions.

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