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Pump y dydd - Mai

Today we have met as Criw Cymraeg and discussed the up and coming Seren a Sbarc day on 20th May. We have created a list of activities that we could take part in. Here they are. 

  • Wear red, white and green
  • Dress as a superhero
  • Design a Siarter Iaith / Cymraeg Campus logo competition
  • Listen to the Miwsig y Siarter Iaith playlist
  • Organise a picnic for Seren and Sbarc
  • Learn the Seren and Sbarc song
  • Hold a Welsh yard game session
  • Make Seren and Sbarc puppets
  • Hold a disco of Welsh songs
  • Bake Seren and Sbarc cakes
  • Design a new Welsh language yard game for younger pupils
  • Design a Siarter Iaith / Cymraeg Campus leaflet to share with parents
  • Hot seat session with Seren and Sbarc
  • Create a Seren and Sbarc comic strip
  • Design a cloak for Seren and Sbarc
  • Design and create a Seren and Sbarc board game
  • Follow Huw Aaron's online tutorial to draw Seren and Sbarc

We cannot wait until the 20th of May to take part in these Seren a Sbarc activities. 

Blwyddyn 5 + 6

Pump y dydd - Mawrth

Pump y Dydd - Chwefror

Pump y Dydd - Ionawr

Pump Y Dydd - Tachwedd

2021 - 2022 Criw Cymraeg

As Criw Cymraeg we:

- Attend Criw Cymraeg meetings.
- Take back to class what we have learnt.
- Make sure our Helpwr Heddiw display has the Pump y dydd on it.
- Introduce new Welsh games to our class and teach our peers.
- Support anyone who is struggling with Welsh.
- Watch who is using Welsh and award certificates to peers for using it.
- Take part in Welsh assemblies.
- Suggest ways we can imporve Welsh across the school.