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Criw Cymraeg

Eisteddfod Home Tasks - 2023

Criw Cymraeg 2022-23

Criw Cymraeg Representatives will:

- be positive role models and lead Welsh learning

- promote a positive mindset for learning Welsh

- develop our friend's pride in their Welsh identity (language, heritage and culture)

- increase the amount of Welsh spoken at Maes yr Haul Primary School

Criw Cymraeg Meeting - 24 Ebrill 2023


- We started the meeting by discussing how we could make the welsh games easier for the younger children and changing up who goes where. We had to explain what games we play when we go down to the younger years.

- Then we started talking about how we can improve and making the games more enjoyable. We came up with stickers for a reward and pictures for a more visual explanation. We thought about just focusing on Nursery  and Receptions for the next few weeks and trying to influence them come and play more Welsh.

- Next we started sharing ideas for the upcoming Seren a Sbarc day. We thought of things to add for the Seren a Sbarc day.

We came up with a Seren a Sbarc quiz,

a Seren a Sbarc assembly,

drawing them,

Welsh music in class,

Criw Cymraeg timetable to do on the yard,

Seren a Sbarc scratch,

pic collage,

Seren a Sbarc- sbarc,

dress up- Welsh dress up,

sewing Seren a Sbarc,

a welsh stop motion animation,

welsh comic strip and Welsh Hot spotting.


Completed by Biyanca and Eva

Dydd Llun 13 Chwefror 2023

Criw Cymraeg Meeting


First, we discussed how our visits to different year groups have gone so far. Then we talked about who would be going down to the younger classes to teach them some more fun Welsh games. We set up a timetable.


Next, we went outside to practise 'Mae Seimon yn Dweud' and 'Goleuadau Traffig'.


We talked about our Eisteddfod celebrations. Criw Cymraeg are going to be giving out awards for the home task competition.


Finally, we talked about making a Criw Cymraeg logo for the school thinking of ideas for the next meeting.


To finish off the meeting we went down to the Criw cymraeg board and hade a refresher of which year group we were going to.


We discussed creating a logo for Criw Cymraeg. There was a suggestion by Matthew Wilcox to put it out as a school competition. We will look at this in the next meeting and add it as whole school Easter Holiday homework. 


By Eva and Biyanca

Meeting - Thursday 1st December

- Miss Evans recapped with us about different games we can play on the yard. Three small groups all talked and gathered their opinions to find out which games are suitable for each age group - PS1, PS2 or PS3.

If the games were beginner level they would be for the younger children if they were more advanced, they would be for the older children.

- The groups gathered together to discuss their sorting choices. We think games introducing vocabulary and using commands are best for PS1. For PS2 and PS3 we want to include more language for children to use.

- We discussed our next step which will be to choose our final games. We are also beginning to think about our playground games display designs.

(Eva, Alex and Biyanca Year 6)



Meeting - Monday 7th November 2022

- In today's meeting we discussed and wrote our responsibilities as Criw Cymraeg Representatives (see above)

- Helpwr Heddiw: we learned and played a Welsh language game - Sblat! We will take this back to class and teach our classmates how to play during our Helpwr Heddiw sessions. 

- Mr Joseph told us about the Welsh project we are going to be a part of this year. We will be creating posters to help children on the yard play Welsh games independently. We have been working to re-write rules (in easy to understand 'child-speak') for games such as Sblat, Budge and Bang Bang. We are trying to encourage children in Maes yr Haul to speak and enjoy Welsh.

- We took a questionnaire to our classes called 'Welsh in the outdoors in Maes yr Haul.' We want to find out how much Welsh is used at playtime and if anyone plays any Welsh games already. We will discuss our answers in our next meeting.

(Biyanca and Eva Year 6)




Pump y dydd - Mai

Today we have met as Criw Cymraeg and discussed the up and coming Seren a Sbarc day on 20th May. We have created a list of activities that we could take part in. Here they are. 

  • Wear red, white and green
  • Dress as a superhero
  • Design a Siarter Iaith / Cymraeg Campus logo competition
  • Listen to the Miwsig y Siarter Iaith playlist
  • Organise a picnic for Seren and Sbarc
  • Learn the Seren and Sbarc song
  • Hold a Welsh yard game session
  • Make Seren and Sbarc puppets
  • Hold a disco of Welsh songs
  • Bake Seren and Sbarc cakes
  • Design a new Welsh language yard game for younger pupils
  • Design a Siarter Iaith / Cymraeg Campus leaflet to share with parents
  • Hot seat session with Seren and Sbarc
  • Create a Seren and Sbarc comic strip
  • Design a cloak for Seren and Sbarc
  • Design and create a Seren and Sbarc board game
  • Follow Huw Aaron's online tutorial to draw Seren and Sbarc

We cannot wait until the 20th of May to take part in these Seren a Sbarc activities. 

Blwyddyn 5 + 6

Pump y dydd - Mawrth

Pump y Dydd - Chwefror

Pump y Dydd - Ionawr

Pump Y Dydd - Tachwedd

2021 - 2022 Criw Cymraeg

As Criw Cymraeg we:

- Attend Criw Cymraeg meetings.
- Take back to class what we have learnt.
- Make sure our Helpwr Heddiw display has the Pump y dydd on it.
- Introduce new Welsh games to our class and teach our peers.
- Support anyone who is struggling with Welsh.
- Watch who is using Welsh and award certificates to peers for using it.
- Take part in Welsh assemblies.
- Suggest ways we can imporve Welsh across the school.