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In the Humanities Area of Learning and Experience (AoLE), we recognise that although each discipline has its own discrete body of knowledge and skills, together they share many common concepts and themes.


At Maes yr Haul, we want our learners to be curious about the past, present and future, engaging with the concepts of ethics and values, exploring ultimate questions and experiencing awe and wonder, in a range of real-world contexts. Through this, they will better understand the complex and diverse nature of modern society, recognising and appreciating the common themes of human experience.


Across the Humanities disciplines, learners will begin to understand and experience their own locality before extending out to their region, Wales and the wider world. They will have rich opportunities for learning beyond the school gates by exploring their local environment and learning from the people, organisations and businesses in their community. Learners will explore the concepts of identity, beliefs, belonging, community, tradition and diversity which will enable them to gain a sense of self and develop a sense of spirituality