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Sport Council Meeting 13/6/23 Sports Day

Sports council judging the poster competition.

Meeting Minutes 20.3.23

Sports Council Meeting 16.01.23

We had a very productive meeting with our new sports council. Lots of great ideas from all members for what we hope to achieve this year. Looking forward to our next meeting. Well done everyone.

Sports council meeting 21.11.22

Sports Council 2022-23

Sports Council Meeting 9.05.22 The sports council members enjoyed helping to create a presentation about the work of the council and its impact for the governors in today's meeting. We still have some editing to do but here is a preview of our work so far.

Sports Council Meeting - 18.3.22


Agenda items: 

  • Posters for playground rules designed by the children in our competition (see previous meeting details) to be put up around the school grounds. 

  • Ask children to go back to class and feed back – posters up, please follow the rules. 

  • Ideas for sports day. 

  • Activity awareness day/week ideas.  



(what was discussed) 

  • We agreed/recapped where we would put the posters. 

  • Went out around school grounds putting up the laminated posters using cable ties. Discussed which posters to put in which areas. 

  • Discussed sports day and what this might involve - initial ideas e.g. like previous years with 2 events each, one sprint and one other BUT this is to be confirmed and finalised with staff. Ideas for possible events discussed. 

  • Discussed a day to promote being active but the need to keep it manageable in terms of equipment – Rainbow run discussed – wear bright colours to school on a designated day and each year group has a time slot when they can go out to run/walk laps of the school. Idea is to promote being active to help stay healthy. 

  • Discussed PE cupboards – no pupils to go in unless under staff supervision (i.e. with staff) 


Actions following meeting

Council to feed back to class: 

  • Posters are now up – please follow the rules. 

  • Sports Day in summer term - ideas for possible events. 

  • Activity Day – possibly a Rainbow Run day in summer term.

  • No children to go in PE cupboard without a member staff. 


Once again the children worked really well, offering good ideas and showing great team work skills.  Some children even offered to work through their break in order to finish putting the posters up.  We also learned how tricky it is to attach laminated posters to the school fences using cable ties - well done everyone, what a great team!  

Next meeting date: 4.5.22

Sports Council Meeting 2.2.22


Sports council had a full house for our 2nd meeting with all member in attendance. Mrs Spear was pleased to see them all and was impressed at how sensible and well behaved they all were whilst conducting the meeting.


First item on the agenda was to decide on the winners of our poster competition. Each year group representative explained their poster theme and showed their year group entrants. The rest of the council then voted on which one they felt was the best. They voted on whether the message was clear and visible, detailed pictures and eye-catching.  

The votes were done very sensibly, and the winners were chosen. The winning poster was photocopied so that a copy could be taken back to the winning class and the winner congratulated. Council members decided that when they went back to class they would make sure to thank all the entrants in their classes for their efforts as it was a difficult decision to pick the winners.  


Next the council members discussed where the posters would be best placed around the school. Some suggestions were:

  • By the black tar 
  • Class doors 

  • On the astro  

  • Gates on either end of the ramp leading to astro 

  • Fences and walls where the children play. 

After discussing individual places it was decided that all the posters would be needed in all the areas where the children play as the messages are important for all year groups.  


Council members also mentioned poster's need to be laminated and tied securely to the fences etc to ensure that they remain in place.  


Another great meeting and thank you to all of the council members for their helpful contributions. Lots more to be discussed next time! 

Democracy in Action!! Sports Council votes on the winners of their poster competition. Congratulations to the winners!!

Sports Council held their first meeting on Dec 8th 2021 with attendees from year 2, 3, 5 and 6. Unfortunately year 4 were unable to attend due to a previous engagement. The pupils were very excited to get started and they were full of great ideas about what the purpose of the sports council will be for the upcoming year. We also discussed what they felt their role as a sports council member will entail. They came up with some great insights into their role such as; making our school healthier and more active, creating more opportunities for the school to be more active, promoting fair play and learning about staying safe while being active.  


The pupils discussed making posters to put around the school to promote these ideas and suggested that we make it into a competition. Each year group was given a theme such as fair play on the yard, inclusion, looking after equipment... Etc. They have been asked to create posters based on their theme and the council will decide which ones to display around the school at their next meeting.  


It was a great start to our sports council journey this year, looking forward to the next meeting! 


                                            Maes yr Haul School Council 2021-2022 members,

Harry D, Dottie, Owain, Harry G, Felix, Ernie, Iestyn, Freddie, Miles, Harry B, Matt, Charlie, Alfie, Nia