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Updated September 2020

As with all schools across Wales, we are currently at a mid-way point between the old (and technically still in force) curricula from 2008 onwards and the new Curriculum for Wales, due to be in place for September 2022. 


In reality, during the pandemic, Welsh Government recommend that we focus on one curriculum only, with the obvious candidate for that being to continue to push forwards in our implementation of the new Curriculum for Wales.  The staff of Maes yr Haul have been working steadily for the last few years to gradually develop our plans for the new curriculum and many of the approaches and requirements of that curriculum are already in place.


Teachers in both phases plan learning using a largely skills-driven approach, underpinned by the Literacy and Numeracy framework (LNF) and the Digital Competence Framework (DCF). Wherever possible, subjects are linked through cross curriculum themes, and pupils themselves are encouraged to identify areas they wish to know more about. A variety of teaching methods are employed to encourage pupils to become independent learners, and children are given opportunities to study through a range of whole class, groups, paired and individual activities.


Most of our teaching is done through the medium of English. However, Welsh is taught in all classes including use of incidental Welsh throughout the school. Pupils are encouraged to speak Welsh with their peers and other adults, supported by a structured progression of words and phrases. Welsh Language is promoted in classes through choice of literature and display. Welsh songs and prayers feature in assemblies and displays highlight relevant Welsh phrases and words. We give pupils the opportunity to experience Welsh culture and heritage wherever possible. Our annual school Eisteddfod is used to promote Cwricwlwm Cymreig and pupils take part in a number of competitions through the medium of both Welsh and English.


Additional information on each of the six 'Areas of Learning and Experience' can be found in the parents menu.