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Travel to School

Maes yr Haul is a Platinum Green Flag Eco-School. As such, we encourage our parents and pupils to walk, cycle or scoot to and from school and to avoid travelling by car if possible. Not only does this have obvious health benefits, but parking in the vicinity of the school is very limited, so this will help to reduce congestion near to the school.


Parking on the yellow chevrons outside the school is STRICTLY forbidden, in the safety interests of our children. Your child’s safety is very important. Please encourage him/her to behave sensibly and safely when travelling to school.  Pupils are expected to wear a helmet and must dismount whilst inside the school grounds. We have a number of cycle racks within the school grounds for storage.


Cycle training is provided on site for pupils in Year 6 each year to further build their confidence and understanding. 


Please note, the staff car park is not to be used for waiting, turning, dropping off or collecting pupils.