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Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee 2022-23

The Curriculum Committee have been very busy getting to grips with elements of the new curriculum. We have started with learning about the different AoLE's (Areas of Learning and Experience) and how they link to what we have been doing in our classrooms.

We have very strong views already about what is working well and what we feel could be improved across the school. 


We have also looked at our books and identified the different AoLE's in our work. We tried to find pieces of work that had more than 1 area in to show cross curricular links. We really enjoyed being able to give feedback to our teachers about what we think we need more of in our books and on our online platform of seesaw.

4 Purposes

We have spent time reading and thinking about what the 4 Purposes mean to us and the other pupils in our school.

We have used child-friendly to sum up what they mean to us and we are encouraging our teachers and friends to use them in school life!

We are beginning to recognise what kind of learner we are within topics and lessons. Our job in the committee is to keep the 4 Purposes at the top of the agenda for our classes.

Feedback and AFL

We have looked at our written learning, as well as digital evidence and discussed the ways in which we give and receive feedback. We have thought about how best our teachers and classes use this to help us further our learning.

We have fed back to our teachers and classes on ideas as well as strategies we like and think work in class well.