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Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders 2022-23


As Digital Leaders, we : 

  • Attend half termly meetings

  • Share our learning and important messages from our meetings with our classes 

  • Ensure that our classroom technology is healthy, safe and useable at all times 

  • Communicate with each other to learn new skills and share ideas in person and on our Google Classroom 

  • Appraise and introduce new technology to teachers and to our peers to improve and enhance learning in our school 

  • Support younger learners in the school 

  • Take part in special assemblies 

  • Represent the school and wear our badges with pride

  • Suggest ways to use digital learning in a fun and purposeful way 


The qualities/skills we need to do our job well: 

  • Patience 

  • Perseverance 

  • Confidence, 

  • Punctuality

  • Respectfulness, 

  • Willing to try new ideas 

  • Collaboration skills 

  • Creativity

  • Problem solving 


Preparing the Internet Safety Presentations

Progression Step 1: How to Stay Safe On the Internet, Created by Year 6

Progression Step 2: How to Stay Safe on the Internet, created by Year 4

Progression Step 3: Digital Citizenship Well- being, created by Year 5