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Safeguarding and Child Protection are key priorities for Maes yr Haul Primary School. 


Our school is committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and protection of all children in our care. We take seriously our obligations to safeguard their well-being and this is supported by the general ethos of our school. 

Our safeguarding aims are:

  • To support the child’s development in ways that will foster security, confidence and independence.
  • To raise the awareness of both teaching and non-teaching staff of the need to safeguard children and of their responsibilities in identifying and reporting possible cases of abuse.
  • To provide a systematic means of monitoring children known, or thought, to be at risk of harm.
  • To emphasise the need for good levels of communication between all members of staff.
  • To develop a structured procedure within the school, this will be followed by all members of the school community in cases of suspected abuse.
  • To develop and promote effective working relationships with other agencies, especially the Police and Children’s Services.


We follow strict safe recruitment procedures and all staff and volunteers who work within the school have an enhanced DBS check at least every three years.  We work closely with relevant outside agencies to safeguard children and when there are concerns, it may be necessary to make a referral to Children’s services.


At Maes yr Haul Primary we have a comprehensive safeguarding/child protection policy. All staff undertake safeguarding training that equips them to recognise and respond to child welfare concerns.


Designated Safeguarding Persons: 

Mr Kevin Stroud (Headteacher)

Mrs Claire Merfield (Deputy Headteacher)

They follow strict guidelines on how to deal with any concerns as set out in the All Wales Child Protection Procedures.


The nominated Governor for Child Protection is : (To be confirmed October 2023)

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