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Languages, Literacy & Communication

In the Languages, Literacy & Communication Area of Learning and Experience (AoLE), we recognise the vital role of human communication in supporting learners to fully access the whole curriculum as well as in everyday life.


At Maes yr Haul, we want our learners to be confident communicators through all aspects of their lives, able to play a valued role in a multilingual society. They will use spoken and written languages successfully to develop their learning and understanding across all areas of the curriculum and form positive social and working relationships. We want our learners to think critically, analyse spoken and written language, forming and expressing opinions confidently whilst listening to and considering opposing views.


Across Languages, Literacy and Communication, we will provide opportunities for learners to contribute to discussions and generate ideas with openness and the confidence to explore ideas. Learners will be encouraged to share their views whilst valuing and respecting the opinions of others. They will experience many opportunities to read and write for a range of purposes and styles, learning about global cultures through literature and with a growing understanding of those around them. We will enable learners to recognise and celebrate similarities and differences in languages, both at a national and global level, forging a sense of pride in their Welsh identity and understanding their role within the global community.