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We know that good attendance and punctuality are not only important in ensuring that pupils are able to gain the most from their time in school, they are also important life skills.  Maes yr Haul expects all families to do their best to ensure their children have good attendance and punctuality throughout their time at school.  Attendance is carefully monitored and we work with the local authority education welfare service and may refer families to the EWO where attendance is of concern.

Due to the closure of school for part of the Spring Term due to the pandemic, attendance data for Spring 21 will not be published.

Attendance for Autumn Term 2020

Class Percentage Attenance
Nursery 91.8%
Rec GD 96.5%
Rec RR 95.1%
1SH 91.7%
1JS 93.4%
2DC 89.2%
2KW/NT 92.0%
3SH 93.9%
3AT 94.5%
4LE 89.4%
4SH 88.9%
45SJ 83.3%
5HStA 97.6%
6BB 93.6%
6RWJ 90.0%
6MK 87.8%
Overall 92.0%