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Spring Term

Our Wonderful World

Our topic this term is ‘Our Wonderful World’ 


During our winter months, in literacy, we will be writing lists of things we will need to pack for a trip to the Polar regions in both English and Welsh. We will write facts about penguins and polar bears and we will use these facts to record factual videos about how these animals have special skills to survive the bitter weather. We shall find out about things that can put animals in danger and brainstorm idea about how we can help them. We plan to create persuasive videos to encourage other children and their families to make small changes that will impact in a positive way on our environment to save the animals that we learn about. 


In numeracy, we will count forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s. We will count on in steps of different sizes. We will learn how to halve even numbers and learn fact families for addition and subtraction facts. We will learn how to measure using standard and non-standard units. We will describe temperature, use coins to make totals, pay for items and give change. We will also look for symmetry and shapes in nature. We will read and write O’ clock time using analogue and digital time. 


In our topic learning, we will find out the impact that humans and climate change have on some animals.  We learn through a series of science investigations and we will find out ways that we can help the animals and the environment. When the weather gets a bit nicer, we will turn our attention towards bees and learn about how they make honey. We will discover how to make our environment more attractive and inviting to the local wildlife  by planting bee friendly flowers and doing a spot of gardening! We will become entrepreneurs by setting up our own bee plant business and we hope that the children will be able to work together to grow plants that you would like to buy for your own gardens.  


Other Information:    

  • Water bottles should come to school every day – please label with your child’s name   

  • PE day is each Wednesday and your child should come dressed in their kit on this day.   

  • All reading books and records should return to school each week by Tuesday (due to COVID quarantine) and your child will bring a new book home after they have read in class with an adult. Key words will be tested and replaced as and when needed. Please practise, practise, practise makes PROGRESS!  

  • We are encouraging independence in our Year 1 classes – please help your child to be responsible for their belongings and look after our classroom resources.  

  • Please encourage your child to bring a healthy snack to school to eat during breaktime. 

  • Please ensure your child’s jumpers and coats are still labelled with their name so they can be returned to them if lost. 

Thanks for all your support so far!