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We love our Pupil Voice sessions. We have helped our teachers to come up with lots of ideas and activities for our topic ''Bee The Change You Want To See In The World.'' 


Year 2 will be exploring our local community through Google Maps and maps of Broadlands, comparing changes through time. We will be using our knowledge of maps to focus on our school and classroom environments from different perspectives. We will learn about directions, focusing on our route to school and around the building. 


We will grow different seeds and find out which conditions suit them best. We will make predictions and see if we are right! 


We will then be moving on to our Bee1 project where we will learn all about bees as well as discover how to make our environment more attractive and inviting to the local wildlife. We will be gardening and creating bug hotels, looking to create habitats for the wildlife. We will be using the information from our Pupil Voice sessions to make some positive changes e.g litter picking, designing and creating our own recyclable bag to encourage our families to reduce and reuse their amounts of plastic.