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During our maths lessons this term, we will be learning how to tell the time - focusing on o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. We will be looking at important dates throughout the Queen's life and sequencing them in the correct order. We will then use our skills to discover how long is in-between each date.


When finding out all about the Queen's guards, we will move onto measuring - starting with non-standard units and then progressing onto standard units. We will use estimating skills to predict our body measurements if we were to wear one of the Queen's guard's uniform as well as learning how to convert metres and centimetres.


We will also carry out a range of activities to develop our problem solving and reasoning skills, where we will be encouraged to use strategies learnt in class to show our workings logically and explain the thinking behind our methods used. We will plan our own Jubilee party using a budget, deciding how many of each item of food or drink we can buy with the amount of money we have.


During our work on the Commonwealth, we will then move on to measuring distance as well as height when we take part in long jump. We will use timers to challenge ourselves and our friends, seeing how fast we can run certain distances and checking if we can beat our best score.