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Vision & Mission Statements

Our Vision Statement

In an ever-changing world, our goal is to nurture, inspire, support and challenge all pupils using enjoyable, meaningful and diverse learning experiences so that they may reach their full potential.



Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement illustrates how we will work towards the achievement of our vision statement. It demonstrates our commitment to the curriculum reform agenda for Wales and our firm intention to secure the four purposes at the centre of our life and work as a school.

  • To embed a safe, supportive and stimulating environment to nurture and promote the health and wellbeing of all pupils and staff.
  • To engage fully and responsibly as active, respectful citizens of an inclusive local, national and global community.
  • To encourage creative, critical and collaborative skills, embracing challenges and celebrating achievements of all pupils and staff.
  • To establish a learning community where all pupils and staff are confident to express ideas, take risks and reflect, whilst acquiring new knowledge and skills to challenge themselves to achieve the highest standards