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This term we are learning all about the Queen in readiness for the platinum Jubilee celebrations.




We will be carrying out lots of research to find out all about the Queen, starting with her coronation and using the information to make our own fact files. We will also be creating invitations to our school's garden party following a success criteria and sending emails to the Queen's guards finding out about their job roles. We will find out when the Queen celebrates her birthday and design and make a birthday card too. We are really looking forward to applying all the skills we have learnt this year to create an imaginative piece of writing, linked to a story book about the Queen.


We will be recapping on Welsh sentence patterns we already know and extending our vocabulary, discussing what the Queen wears as well as what she likes and doesn't like to eat.


We will then move onto learning all about the Commonwealth, researching different countries and working collaboratively and independently to create presentations about each one. We will present our work to the rest of the class.