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To start off this term, we will be focusing on the local area. We will be out exploring Broadlands, looking at the different landmarks, as well as seeing for ourselves how little greenery is left. We will then move on to looking at how Broadlands has changed over the years through a variety of media e.g photos, videos, maps, leaflets, information books. The children are particularly interested about the human impact on the world and would like to learn about climate issues e.g littering, recycling, sea/air pollution and deforestation as well as finding out how we can make the environment a healthier, cleaner place to grow up.


Through our Literacy tasks we will be carrying out lots of research, then presenting our findings. We will be thinking of our own questions to interview people who have seen Broadlands change over the years. We will also be writing letters to local councillors and environmental groups, keeping diaries, creating adverts, posters and lots more!

We will be sharing a range of books showing how our world is changing due to human impact and comparing similarities and differences, as well as recognising how we can be the positive change we want to see in the world.