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Autumn Term

Y4 Autumn Newsletter  

Our topic this term is `Vicious Vikings`. 


In our literacy sessions this term our focus will be creative writing including story writing and writing our own Viking battle cry’s.  

We will also be writing information leaflets/posters/presentations about Viking life.  

Our class novel is ‘How to Train your Dragon’ by Cressida Cowell. We will be reading this as part of our weekly guided reading sessions and completing various activities to develop our VIPERS skills.  

Once we have read the whole book, we will watch the film and carry out a book V film comparison. 

We will also have weekly: 

Handwriting – recapping correct letter formation/orientation and position (accurate ascenders and descenders). We will also begin introducing correct letter joins. 

Spelling - we will use a variety of activities and games when working with spelling lists including topic words, common prefixes and suffixes. 

Punctuation - we will continue to focus on the correct use of capital letters, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks and speech marks.  



Our focus this term will be developing problem-solving and reasoning skills: 

  • Using our mathematical skills in a a variety of contexts and everyday situations. 

  • Identifying the appropriate steps and information needed to complete the task or reach a solution. 

  • Thinking carefully about how we present and record our calculations. 

We will also be revising and learning: 

  • Reading and writing numbers to 10 000. 

  • Using mental strategies to recall multiplication tables for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 and use to solve division problems. 

  • Using halves and quarters as well as halving 2-digit numbers in the context of money and measures. 

  • Using money to pay for items up to £10 and calculate the change, order and compare items up to £100. 

  • Adding and subtracting totals less than £10 using correct notation e.g. £6.85 - £2.36. 

  • Telling the time to the nearest minute on clocks. 


Other Curriculum Areas

Within our `Vicious Vikings `topic we will be: 

  • Becoming Viking adventurers, learning their origins, their culture and way of life. 

  • We will learn about their impact on British history. Google Expeditions will help us understand their place in the world. 

  • We will use our STEM skills to explore and make Viking food and utilise Minecraft to create longboats and Viking villages.   

  •  We will use our art and design skills to create Viking longboats and artefacts and showcase our creations. 

How you can help your child: 

Please help your child to learn their 3 – 6 multiplication tables.  

Encourage your child to read for at least 10 minutes every day and listen to them reading twice a week. 

Help your child to learn to tell the time using an analogue and digital clock face. Ask time/duration questions. 

See our Google Classroom - useful guides and links for ideas on maths websites and questions you could ask using the `VIPERS` structure. 


Useful Information 

Our PE day is Monday. Your child can wear their PE kit to school on that day.  

Your child will need their own pencil case with a pen/pencil/rubber and colouring pencils/pens. 

Please label all belongings clearly. Your child will need a water bottle every day. Please wash it daily. 

Dates for your diary:  

In school experience to enhance our topic – 8th October Vikings workshops. 

End of half - term  - 22nd October 

End of Autumn term - 17th December 2021.