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Our topic in Year 5 this term is Pits and Ponies


Within the topic we will be focussing on the Victorian era. The children have asked to cover themes such as Queen Victoria, inventions, school life, life down the mines, workhouses and the poor. We have planned to cover all the subjects the pupils have voiced to find out about and look forward to seeing what wonderful outcomes they produce.

Linked to the topic the children will be studying the forces in motion, from the first flight, to the development of transport and how the world had a need for speed.


As part of Literacy this term we will be covering a number of writing genres including newspaper report writing, diary writing and letter writing. We will be following the writing journey to highlight and learn the features of each of these genres, sticking to our success criteria and linking with our Pits and Ponies topic. The children will be involved in daily guided reading sessions too, where they will rotate around reading activities as part of the VIPERS program.


The focus at the start of this term will be place value, where we will be looking at numbers up to six-digits as well as moving onto decimal place numbers, understanding tenths, hundredths and thousandths. We will also be developing our knowledge of column Addition and subtraction, multiplication of 2digit and 3digit numbers as well as learning the bus stop method for division.  The children will be taking part in daily Big Maths ClIC sessions and will then have a weekly CLIC and Learn Its test.


  • Water bottles need to be brought to school and taken home daily.
  • Children need their own pencil case with the necessary equipment.
  • P.E. will be taking place weekly on a Thursday.
  • Reading Books – Pupils will be in charge of their own reading books and are expected to bring them back and for to school each day. Pupils will then swap them independently putting them into quarantine for three days before they returned to the school library. (Children will be read with in either a guided reading session or individual reading sessions)